Promotional materials

Find Suffolk Day logos, posters, bunting, placemats and songs.

Most of these materials are from previous Suffolk Day celebrations. More promotional materials for Suffolk Day 2024 will be published closer to the date. 

Download materials

Create your own bunting

Print out the flags, cut them out and attach to string to make your own Suffolk Day bunting.

Use the blank flag to add your own logo and event name:

Listen to A Million Acres (the Suffolk Song)

Enjoy the Official Suffolk Day song

A Million Acres (the Suffolk Song) is now available for download from Apple Music or you can stream the song on Spotify.

Why not learn the song yourself? We have everything you need if you would like to put on a special Suffolk Day performance.

Learn the Suffolk Day Heart Poem

Recite the Suffolk Day Heart Poem by following this video from BBC Radio Suffolk! You can also download the Suffolk Heart Poem poster to follow along with the prose.

Local poet Dean Parkin wrote "Suffolk Heart", which explores the county's heritage and culture.

Learn to play the Suffolk Day Song

Please note this is a different song to "A Million Acres" featured above.